Air Handler Installed in Tight Closet Space

HVAC Installations Without Compromising Storage Space

When planning your air conditioning system installation, it’s important to work with an experienced contractor who is willing to get creative. The most obvious designs aren’t always the ones that make the most sense for your home and lifestyle. When …

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commercial fit out

Commercial HVAC Repair & Installation

At Borden Heating & Cooling, our HVAC services aren’t limited to residential customers. We also work with commercial clients on everything from new construction to fit outs. Whether it’s a small office or industrial complex, we have the knowledge and …

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Furnace Replacement in Wayne, PA

Sometimes, just one furnace isn’t enough. In larger homes and commercial settings, you may need more than one unit to cover all of that square footage. That’s where “twinning” comes in handy. Twinned furnaces offer you the benefit of energy …

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outdoor ac unit

Be Careful When Caring for Your Lawn

After a long day of yard work, you probably look forward to getting inside and relaxing in the air conditioning. However, if you’re not careful that yard work could ruin those cool relaxation plans. Every cooling season we get a …

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NATE Certified

Why Should I Choose a NATE Certified HVAC Tech?

You may think that all licensed contractors will provide the same level of work to your home. Despite the contractor achieving his/her own accreditation or license, the technician sent to your home may be less experienced. While you agreed to …

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HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Expensive Repairs

If you want to protect your investment, HVAC maintenance is key. As a homeowner, it’s an easy aspect to overlook when tending to other responsibilities. However, we can’t tell you how many homeowners end up regretting that decision when a …

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ductless air conditioner

Why Opt for a Ductless Air Conditioner?

It seems like everyone has a different opinion on what type of air conditioning is best, and for good reason. Everyone has a personal preference, and different types of homes lend themselves better to certain setups. If you’re ready to …

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Bryant ductless hvac

What is a Mini-Split System?

If you live in a home without a ducting system, someone may have recommended a mini-split system for heating or cooling to you. The truth is, these systems are an excellent option for those without preexisting ducts but not everyone is …

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mini split ductless

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

If you’re in need of targeted temperature control, you may have had a ductless mini split system recommended to you. Often, consumers are confused by how these systems work and what the specific advantages would be over other types of …

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