Be Careful When Caring for Your Lawn

outdoor ac unitAfter a long day of yard work, you probably look forward to getting inside and relaxing in the air conditioning. However, if you’re not careful that yard work could ruin those cool relaxation plans. Every cooling season we get a handful of “No A/C” calls due to cut low voltage wires at the condenser all thanks to a weed wacker gone wild! It only takes a few seconds for a tool to cut right through those lines.

While we’re happy to help in these situations, we bet you’d be happier without any unexpected A/C interruptions. Please be careful around the piping & wiring connections when trimming those pesky weeds. Also feel free to remove twigs and other debris that may fall on the unit, as they could be obstructing air flow and affecting A/C performance as well.

If you have accidentally cut wires around your condenser, feel free to give us a call. We can help determine the extent of the damage and what type of repair is needed.

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