Furnace Replacement in Wayne, PA

Sometimes, just one furnace isn’t enough. In larger homes and commercial settings, you may need more than one unit to cover all of that square footage. That’s where “twinning” comes in handy. Twinned furnaces offer you the benefit of energy efficiency, as this setup can actually be more efficient than one, large furnace, as well as quiet operation.

These beauties were installed in a very large and older Victorian home for a great customer in Wayne, PA. The prior system was also the same arrangement installed by Borden Heating & Cooling twenty years ago. You can click on the photos below for a better look.

Although it’s still hot out there, August is a perfect time to consider service for your furnace. It’s important to remember that your air conditioning and heating systems work hand-in-hand, so upgrades to one may benefit the other.

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