Do High Velocity A/C Units Make Noise?

high velocity air conditioningYou may have heard the rumor that small duct high velocity air conditioning systems make too much noise. These units take up less space than traditional air conditioning and don’t require all of that construction at installation, yet still provide fresh, even cooling throughout the home. Are they really noisy enough to outweigh all of these benefits? Take it from a local expert, the truth about this rumor is just that — it’s a rumor.

The only thing that would make a high velocity unit any noisier than traditional air conditioning is poor installation. Some installers will cut corners on aspects like appropriate tubing and the proper number of outlets in order to keep costs low. In truth, these actions prevent the right amount of air from escaping the unit and that build-up can cause the noise that some have noted. In reality, a noisy air conditioner should be blamed on a lousy installer not the unit itself.

With Correct Installation, High Velocity A/C is Quiet

At Borden Heating & Cooling, we’ve installed plenty of high velocity HVAC units and have never heard a complaint about noise. This is because we take the time to survey the property and coordinate an installation plan with the homeowner. In fact, one of the benefits of our installation is quiet operation. You get cool, evenly circulated air that fits into existing walls, crawl spaces, attics, closets, etc. For more information, check out our high velocity air conditioning page.

We hope this post answers your questions, and puts to rest this nasty rumor about high velocity A/C units. Rest assured that any homeowner can have central air conditioning without being subjected to a racket.

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